Symptoms of an Anxiety (Panic) Attack

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles (

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

An Anxiety (or Panic) attack is an abnormal and irrational state of panic about a trivial thing or situation, or in some cases, for no discernible reason at all. Attacks usually occur without warning and a sufferer can simply burst into a state of fear.

It is a disproportionate reaction to the situation or the problem at hand, leaving the person excessively fearful, or sometimes incapacitated, which can affect life generally, relationships, happiness and peace of mind.

The trigger for an Anxiety attack is created initially by a traumatic experience, sometimes though, the sufferer may have no recollection of that experience being traumatic. i.e: One of the most popular causes of a panic attick attack is arogaphobia (an extreme or irrational fear of open, or public places). The traumatic experience may have been that they were scolded by their Mother while they were playing in the park and the sub-conscious has chosen the environment as the cause of the trauma.

The next time the sufferer is taken to the park (or any other open, or public place) they suffer a panic attack.
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Panic Attacks; The Truth

In the UK, 10.6 Million people have occasional panic attacks every year. 641,000 people are diagnosed with a ‘Panic Disorder’.


Since records began, there have been no recorded deaths from a Panic Attack and no records of anyone fainting. The feeling of panic is due to an evolutionary process known as the ‘Fight, or Flight’ response. The body is designed to survive and needs to ready itself to either fight its attacker, or run from it, whichever one it decides is the safest option.
It does this by getting the Adrenal glands start to produce copious amounts of adrenaline. This is fine when you’re in the jungle, confronted by a Tiger, on in a foreign country facing a wild snake in a field, but in the case of a Panic Attack, the sufferer is releasing adrenaline sometimes because of situations that are not harmful, or in many cases enjoyed by the majority of people. Agoraphobia, or the fear of open spaces is a popular cause of panic attacks, which means that going on a family picnic, or visiting the beach with their Children becomes an impossibilty.
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How to increase your self belief

Everybody struggles sometimes with believing in their abilities. I know for me, that not so many

years ago my level of self-belief was at rock bottom.

fears image

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

I had one friend and no social life, a dead end job with no prospects (which I understood when I took the job) and even though I’d always wanted to work for myself, I KNEW it would never be a reality, because I just wasn’t meant to be successful.

I was stuck in my ways, never asserted myself and never, ever went outside of my structured comfort zone!

My conscious reasoning was that if I wasn’t doing it already, I didn’t need to do it. When in reality, I didn’t do it because I didn’t think I could.

I still have days, even now, when I know I might fail, or won’t be the best I can be, but that’s OK. I’ve learnt that failing is a good thing and not being the best is OK too.
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