10 Simple Tips to Improve Your day, Everyday.

Here are some simple steps you can take everyday to get your body and mind working in complete unison and improve your outlook on life.

  • Learn to let your feelings out. A problem shared is a problem halved, so find someone you can trust and in your times of need, borrow their shoulder. It can also be very helpful to keep a daily journal. If life’s worth living, it’s worth recording. By writing down all the good things that happen on a daily basis, you can give yourself an immediate boost when things aren’t going so well, just by looking back at your previous achievements.
  • Never put anyone above yourself. By comparing yourself to others who are more successful, you’re unconsciously putting yourself down and this can lead to low self-esteem, or feelings of envy. Instead, model what those more successful people are doing and you’ll begin to get the same results as they are.
  • Take a few minutes out of your day to do something you enjoy doing. By taking a half-hour from the day and just devoting it entirely to yourself, you are telling yourself that you are worthy.
  • Stay happy. When things are getting you down, remember to smile. Always look for the funny side of any situation no matter how bad it is.
  • See failure as a success. Always remember that even when you think you’ve had the most horrendous failure, all that’s really happened is you’ve been successful at learning what doesn’t work. The most successful people in this World failed significantly more times that they succeded. The difference was the way they experienced that failure. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, it only matters that you get back up and try again. Strangely enough, you learn how to be successful as a young child; imagine what your life would be like if when you were learning to walk, you failed the first twenty times, so decided to give up? Why then, as adults do we tend to give up on things we’ve only tried once, or twice before?
  • Remember to take short breaks throughout the day. If you want to remain productive, it’s important to take regular breaks. Even if it’s something as simple as stretching your arms, legs and back by taking a walk to the kitchen for a drink of water.
  • Practice developing a more positive attitude towards everything in your life. If there’s something you are not happy about, ask yourself the question “what do I need to do to change this?”, rather than “why does this always happen to me?”. Remember that your mind whats to be a success at everything, ask it the tight questions and you’ll get the right answers.
  • Get some form of exercise everyday. Exercise not only helps to ward off diseases, it makes us feel better, sleep better and is a great form of stress relief.
  • Eat a sensible diet. A sensible, healthy diet should include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, while cutting down on fatty foods, salt and starch.
  • Set yourself goals. Goals keep us motivated. Set goals for both the short term and long term, 1year, 3years, 5years, 10years, etc., that you’ll work towards to achieve what you want out of life. Always remember though, that our goals will change as our circumstances change, so be willing to adapt, add, or remove the goals as necessary and put the short term goals at least, somewhere where you’ll see them everyday. Goals you don’t review regularly, drift into the ether and are forgotten.

If you have any tips, or tricks that can improve your day, put them in the comments and share them with the World 😉


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