Why being unhappy is your fault!

sad man image

I realise that the title might attract strong reactions, nobody wants to be unhappy. No one wants to be responsible for the bad things in their life right? Unfortunately, you often can’t do anything about the situations that occur in your live. But, you can definitely decide what those situations…

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How to Change Your State and Get Un-stuck

Your ability to change your state to something more effective/creative/productive, etc. requires you to make certain changes to your body and mind. The thing that makes the greatest impact on your state is what you focus on. Without correct focus, everything else is only partially effective. If you want to…

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The Easy Route to Success

Everyone want to be a success, or more correctly, ‘feel’ successful. The difficulty is that  most people don’t make it easy for themselves to be successful. If you were to ask ten people if they felt successful, probably nine of those ten would answer “No”. The reason most people don’t feel successful…

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