Is WOOP the New SMART?

SMART Goals are a Winner! As you know, I’ve been a strong proponent of the SMART strategy when it comes to Goal Setting. In case you haven’t heard of SMART, it stands for ‘Specific’, ‘Measurable’ ‘Actionable’ (or attainable), ‘Realistic’ (or relevant) and ‘Timely’ (or time dependent). I’ve recently, read a fantastically powerful book by Gabriele […]

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Chasing Big Goals is Wrong!

big goals image

I bet you didn’t expect that statement from someone who’s spent most of their adult life setting big goals? What do I mean? Well, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be setting big, important goals, you most definitely should. You should set some mildly outrageous ones as well! Why not set a goal of owning […]

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