Destroy Your Social Anxiety Gremlins

destroy your gremlins imageThis short book, ‘Destroy Your Social Anxiety Gremlins’, is the first step to unravelling your years of suffering.

It’s true that everyone has a different interpretation of what Social Anxiety actually is.   That’s because everyone’s experience of Social Anxiety is different.

Maybe for you, feeling a bit uneasy when visiting a new destination is social anxiety. Or maybe you get cold sweats before public speaking. You might even feel that having all your teeth out without anaesthetic, would be better than interviewing for a new job, or sitting through a work evaluation?

Unfortunately, the term ‘Social Anxiety’ covers a huge spectrum of symptoms. But, if you become nervous, stressed or anxious if someone else can have an opinion about your performance, you have social anxiety.

If you’re like the millions of people who suffer with social anxiety, you know the symptoms can result in limitations, panic attacks, or even virtual paralysis at the most inconvenient times.

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. It’s perfectly possible for you to become an accomplished public speaker, or smash your next job interview, etc.

This short ebook lays out 8 basic steps to get you there.

You can download the short pdf ebook now from here, for only $1.97

If you’re in the UK, it’ll probably be easier to get it from my personal page. Everything’s priced in GBP.



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