How to Change Your State and Get Un-stuck

Look out! Potential!!

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Your ability to change your state to something more effective/creative/productive, etc. requires you to make certain changes to your body and mind.

The thing that makes the greatest impact on your state is what you focus on. Without correct focus, everything else is only partially effective.

If you want to be more creative, for example, you need to go back to a time when you were creative in the past. Close your eyes if you need to and actually picture the situation in your minds-eye. Imagine that situation as if you were there again, see what you saw, hear what you heard and smell the smells related to that experience.

Make the memory as vivid as possible and actually experience the memory as if it was happening now. Once you’ve got the emotions back in your mind, you can bring that motivation and experience back to the present and use it to drive you again.

Another option would be to simply move your body. By changing your posture, or your breathing, you shift your emotions. Another helpful trick is to ‘smile’. What’s happening in your body, will happen in your mind. There’s a very good article on the Psychology Today website  that highlights the benefits.

And finally, you can change your internal dialogue, the things you say to yourself (self-talk). If you’ve got a criticising voice in you head, telling you things are never going to work out, try changing the pitch of the voice, or the speed. If the voice sounds silly, or stupid, what it’s saying will sound silly, or stupid.

Alternatively, you could imagine the voice coming from your ‘behind’. See how convincing it is then 😉

The best way to improve your self talk, is to have the voice ask a better question. Instead of asking “why does this always happen to me?“, ask “what can I learn from this that will benefit me when I try again?“, or instead of “Why do I always have to do this?“, ask “How can I do this and make it fun?

Small changes can make a huge difference. Try it out and see the results you’re capable of when you do.

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