NLP Eye Accessing Clues

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NLP Eye Access Clues


When Richard Bandler and John Grinder were devising NLP, they noticed that when people were talking, or answering questions, their eyes tended to move in particular directions corresponding to the sensory system (visual, auditory etc) they were using to ‘think’ with at that moment. By learning the technique you will be in a position to detect a ‘story’ from the truth.

Although everything is fallible to a more, or lesser degree, this technique is taught in many sales training conferences and has proven to be very effective.

Of course, the same technique could also be used to assess whether your child really did go to a friends house to study, or whether your Brother did kiss your girlfriend, etc. 😉

People are obviously individuals and in some cases, a person’s brain will work in the opposite way to this diagram, so you’ll need to be sure which way the person processes information.

The simplest way is to ask a question or two, that you already know the response to, then see which way their eyes go.

Assuming you were to ask a question like “How many windows does your house have?”, the respondent would need to remember an image of their house, so in most cases would look up and to your right. If you were to say “I’ve forgotten what I was saying now, what was I saying?” Then the person should look to the right, because they will be trying to remember an audible memory.

Once you know how a person processes, you can ask the killer questions!

Give it a try, then let me know in the comments how it went.



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