Are You Staying Awake at Night Because of Stress?

Are You Staying Awake at Night Because of Stress?

By Annika Sorensen


End of January! Lots of expectations for the upcoming year. But also getting caught up with reality. Have I started off as I wanted? Will my business reach the goals? Why haven’t we heard from that client that seemed so interested? How will my economy turn out? It was supposed to be easier for each year in business – not harder!

Also in private life the questions start to stack. Will my kids succeed in school or will they be bullied? Will the older kids get any jobs and will my marriage last? Why does it seem like everyone else are so happy?

The questions in everyday life are endless. You want to scream:

“There is so much I want to do but I don’t know how and if it is even possible. The more I think about all this the more stressed I feel! How do I get out of this Rat race? I wish I could sleep at night! After a couple of hours I wake up again – each night! I am getting so tired! I feel like I am going crazy – and it is still only January! What can I do?”

You hit the nail perfectly in your shout out! You need to get your sleep back – since sleep is the source of life. The sleep gets you energy to tackle the other problems.

Let me give one effective tip for your sleep that I have used:

If you lay awake and your thoughts are tormenting you – start think of a mantra like: I am thankful for this nice and comfortable bed, I am thankful for this nice and soft pillow and I am thankful for this comforting blanket/sheet that tucks me in so nicely! Keep repeating that mantra and do your best to feel relaxed and comfortable as you say the words. If you keep doing this your brain will be occupied with these good thoughts and the threatening thoughts will be shut out. And that will make it possible for your brain to go back to sleep.

I learned this method when I was trapped in an insolvency in one of my co-operations a few years ago. We lost a lot of money but even worse were the distrust in this affair. Nights were terrible with all and everything chasing me. But I decided to be a winner and that sleep was a prioritized subject. It helped me a lot and I did end up a winner.

Today I use this tip as a prioritized one in my mentoring.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a good tip for your sleep? Do you have any good tips to share? Please comment below. I love to read your comments.

To your success – and keep smiling!

I am a medical doctor, specialized in family medicine and health promotion and strategies. I have been a medical doctor in the Public Health System in Sweden for 25 years. The last couple of years I have changed focus from disease to health and have specialized in health promotion, work assessment, systematic health environment and other business related issues to be able to get the whole picture for my clients.

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