Why being unhappy is your fault!

sad man image

I realise that the title might attract strong reactions, nobody wants to be unhappy. No one wants to be responsible for the bad things in their life right? Unfortunately, you often can’t do anything about the situations that occur in your live. But, you can definitely decide what those situations…

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5 Things to do Every Day to Be Successful

Everyone wants to have some level of success in their lives. Most people just ‘wish’ their lives were better, but do nothing to improve it, there are some however, that understand that they’re responsible for the amount of success in their lives and are determined to do something to improve…

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Can you fake confidence?

People have been faking confidence for years. Have you ever been watching a TV show, or Movie where one of the characters is a charismatic and totally self confident person, then a few weeks later he’s playing the part of a master criminal, or drug dealer, etc.? Actors, act. I…

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