Is WOOP the New SMART?

SMART Goals are a Winner! As you know, I’ve been a strong proponent of the SMART strategy when it comes to Goal Setting. In case you haven’t heard of SMART, it stands for ‘Specific’, ‘Measurable’ ‘Actionable’ (or attainable), ‘Realistic’ (or relevant) and ‘Timely’ (or time dependent). I’ve recently, read a fantastically powerful book by Gabriele […]

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10 Tips to Help Build Your Self-Confidence

10 confidence tips image

Great improvements to your self confidence can be made by taking small steps. I’ve listed below 10 simple things you can do every day that will guarantee a boost in confidence.   1. Start a Journal: There are many free journaling programs available online. My personal favorite, simply as a journal, is RedNotebook, but any […]

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