The Easy Route to Success

Everyone want to be a success, or more correctly, ‘feel’ successful.

The difficulty is that  most people don’t make it easy for themselves to be successful.

If you were to ask ten people if they felt successful, probably nine of those ten would answer “No”. The reason most people don’t feel successful is because they set the ‘Success Bar’ to high!

They believe that society’s definition of success (or, more correctly what they believe society’s definition of success is) restricts them from ever being truly successful, so they go through life day-to-day, believing things won’t get any better.

The good thing is that beliefs are just that, they’re simply what you believe is true. Let’s take a simple example; everyone has a few ‘General‘ beliefs, an example would be that “People are good”, or “politicians always lie”, or “children are forgiving”, etc.

These are widespread beliefs, but everyone knows that those beliefs are wrong, or at least inconsistent.

Take a few minutes to think about some of your beliefs, and ask yourself if they’re  always true? Very few are, but having those beliefs focusses our moral compass and gives our lives direction.

Someone who has the belief that “People are good” is likely to be more giving of themselves to others, probably gives time and/or money to charities, Always has the time to help a friend in need, etc., whereas a person who believes “you can’t trust anyone but yourself”, is likely to live alone, be secretive and manipulating, etc.

So, seeing as beliefs are ‘made-up‘ and almost certainly aren’t completely true, why not have beliefs that empower you and make it easier to achieve success.

Success for some people can be that they woke up this morning and if they’re alive, they feel successful. For others, the fact that they have helped to produce a fantastic, loving family is enough.

If you were to spend more time being grateful for what you already have, and less time worrying about what you don’t have, your life would feel much more successful.

No matter how bad you think things are, there’s always good things to be found. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “There’s always someone worse off than you”? So next time you’re feeling low, spend a few minutes being grateful for the good things in your life and always remember how lucky you are to not be in that worse position.

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