Live an Extraordinary Life by Using the Rocking Chair Test

Rough wood rocking chair

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Almost everyone, at the end of their life goes through a period when they look back and have regrets. Some, only have a few things, others have lots, but they are almost always regrets about things they DIDN’T do.

In the future, when an opportunity arises, whether it’s a change in career, a move to a new district, or country, or even whether to go skydiving, or swim with Dolphins, etc. imagine that experience as if you were 80 years old and sitting in your rocking chair, looking back on your life.

Imagine how your life will look having taken the plunge. Imagine where your life could go if you decide to experience this opportunity. If it’s an experience like skydiving, if you’ve always had a fear of doing it, imagine the things you’d be able able to do once you’d overcome this fear.

But mainly, imagine you’re looking back at your life if you hadn’t done it. Would you have regrets? Are there things that you would have loved to do, but never had the nerve and maybe by doing this one thing, you’d have had the confidence to do them?

This system works because at the time we’re making the decision, we’re caught up in our current belief system, in our fears about failure and disappointment, which makes us less likely to take action on things that are outside our comfort zone.

Everything has to grow, or it dies and the only way to grow, is to experience new things.

Sometime these new things can be taking up a new hobby, or taking a class in a subject you’re interested in, but more often, growth is experienced more profoundly by reaching outside of your comfort zone.

Give it a try next time your asked to do something you’re not sure of, I think you’ll be surprised.


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