What is the Quickest Way to Stop Procrastination?

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Almost everyone procrastinates now and again. There are hundreds of reasons and thousands of excuses for it, but almost always, it’s really because either, the goal, or project seems to big to achieve, or the fear of failing seems too great.

The best way to stop the procrastination before it starts, is to make the target small enough to achieve easily.

As an example, if your goal is to lose 50 pounds in six months, change the goal to losing 2 pound per week. 50 pounds can seem like an impossible target, but anyone can lose 2 pounds per week. Also, every time you achieve the two pound target, your confidence that you’ll achieve your overall target will increase, increasing the likelihood you’ll be successful.

The same applies to for example, a lack of self-confidence. If you want to meet a new partner, but you’re too shy to participate in a social environment, to begin with try just saying “hello” to people you see at work, or at the shops. You’ll soon find your confidence growing, then you can expand your target.

If you’d a bit more information about how to beat procrastination, you can read my previous ‘beating procrastination’ article.


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